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This site was created 7 years ago as an online method for sharing photos of Clarke Island with family and friends.  It was just a simple Notes/Domino database of pictures but it operated without an issue through numerous hardware and software upgrades and even the move to Nova Scotia.   

Several people have asked about the origins of the word yNyS, expecting it is perhaps be an acronym for something profound.  Actually, ynys is the Welsh p-celtic word for Island (in Irish/Scots gaelic the word is inis or innis). Despite its meaning, it had great appeal because it was one of the few 4-letter domain names available at the time. 

Today the site is a conglomeration of our personal and business ventures.   The old site is still available as Clarke Island Pictures.   There is also a dock-cam with views of the water as well as links to Maggie's blog/journal and other local sites.   As always, the site runs on a domino server .

-Kit & Maggie 

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